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I opened my first shop in the heart of Copenhagen in 1972, it was the first shop in Skandinavien selling costume jewellery, and  soon, it became very popular. I had it until 1990, when my daughter Charlotte took over -
It is now a very popular and succesfull shop it also has an online shop:
I then moved with my husband to live in the UK.

As a part-time job I started to buy framed pictures, and sell them in Copenhagen.
When we bought "Le Bourg" in Castelnau M.there was an old shop, we joked about making a shop, and because we had so many pieces of nice furniture from our previous homes, we decided to open an antique shop.
The shop opened in 2005, it's very beautiful, with whitewashed exposed beams and a marble fireplace.
from the first day it has been very succesfull.

The shop has a mixture of lovely antiques and new, stylish home accessories. I travel to India every year in search of beautiful textiles: embroidered silk for curtains, silk and cashmere bedspreads, and all kind of scarves.
In addition to providing you with inspiration and beautiful decorations, I am also very happy to provide practical help and advice with all apsects of curtain making and decorating.
If you are just looking for a small gift, I also sell parfumed candles and room spray.